Monday, March 28, 2011

More paperwork

I started on the update to our homestudy today. Well, actually I just looked at it. I will start on it tomorrow. Tony and I both need to go get fingerprinted again. This will mark the 5th time in 12 months we will have been fingerprinted, one of those times we fingerprinted ourselves because the lady said we probably could do it better than her. It's good to know that you're decent at something. Maybe if my job doesn't work out I can start fingerprinting people...

We heard from our agency that Tony will only need to travel once to sign the Act of Adoption and then he'll be able to leave. That's fantastic news for us since we'll be leaving Gai at home. The Ministry has stated we should plan on at least 2 weeks to be in Rwanda, up to 4 weeks. That will be ok since Tony will be able to go back home. My mom is planning on traveling with me (yeah!!) so I won't be alone with a new baby/toddler and lots of stress.

In other news, the appointment with my neuropthomologist is one week from today. The meds didn't work as far as I can tell although they did make me lose about 5 lbs. It's not such a good thing, Tony keeps telling me to eat more. I can't eat more if I'm not hungry. Medication is wonderful and annoying at the same time. I'll gain it back eventually. I'm stoked at the thought of having surgery and being able to see straight when I wake up in the morning. I won't have to put on an eye patch or wear a contact. Woo-Hoo!!

Funny conversation I had with my son (3 y/o) before he went to bed.

Gai- Is heaven far away?
Me- Yes.
Gai- We can't drive there?
Me- No. When we die we go to heaven.
Gai- What happens if you die?
Me- I don't think you need to worry about that. This is a morbid conversation.
Gai- What happens if you and Poppy die?
Me- We'll go to heaven.
Gai- And I won't have any Mommy or Poppy?
Me- We will still be your Mommy and Poppy but we would be in heaven. You would live with Auntie
        and Uncle.
Gai- Oh, so they would live here?
Me- Maybe, but you don't need to worry because you'll never be alone and we're not going to die
       anytime soon.
Gai- But if you die, Auntie could turn my game on for me?

That's what my son really care's about. He wanted to make sure someone would be around to turn on the gaming console so he could play his games. I feel so loved.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Crazy things, adoptions...

We just got the new today that Rwanda has changed it's requirements. For any adoptions that haven't finalized, adoptive families now have to travel twice. Once for the Act of Adoption and then again to finalize. You can stay in between the 2, looks like it takes about 3 weeks for finalization after the Act of Adoption. Certainly adds stress to the finances! I don't know what we'll do yet but I do know that once I see my child I won't be leaving Rwanda...