Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's been a while since I posted anything. This will be my last post as this blog was to update our status on adoption. Our adoption status is now complete (since November 2011) and we're in love with our baby girl. Isabelle (aka Izzy) is a happy girl. She is super ticklish and smiles at everything. Her older cousin Silas will do anything she wants him to, he treats her like a princess. It's adorable. Izzy loves her brother Gai, she imitates him, Gai was her first word. She also knows mommy, poppy, no, yeah, amen, and the list continues. She's having some issue's with speech (nothing major) so she will attending our local school districts early childhood development program in the fall. Our life got so much crazier with 2 kiddo's, I don't know how anyone manages more than 2 - my hat's off to you!! 

Initially she had major intestinal issue's which took a couple months to clear up along with a long time cough. These are common to the orphanage she was in and fortunately they cleared up, I know some of the kiddo's really struggle with these. Our time in RW and Kenya were stressful and I was sick for 3 weeks but we didn't have as many struggles as some families have experienced. In any case, God was really good to us. We had a multitude of people praying for us and we FELT those prayers while we were there. It was amazing. I don't think I've ever felt prayer before, it was powerful.