Thursday, November 3, 2011

In Nairobi

I haven't posted anything while we've been out of country, things have been stressful. We arrived on a Sunday. This first week in Rwanda we visited Isabelle every day and all the paperwork and court procedures went smoothly. We didn't get our travel letter on Friday but we asked for special permission to take her until we had the travel letter since we already passed court. My husband left on Saturday so he could be at home with our 4 year old at home. My mom is here and she stayed. We took Isabelle to the hospital on Saturday to have her ears checked out because she was pulling at them. The hospital was great and we left with 4 perscriptions and were told to come back and see the ENT. When we came back and saw the ENT he cleaned out here ears, good times, and she had wax, a bug, and a seed in her ears. Ewwww...

I waited multiple times at MIGEPROF that second week for the travel letter which seemed liked it wouldn'tever appear. And still, no travel letter. We needed the travel letter to get her passport which we needed to have our appt at the embassy. I got sick, very sick. Oh the stress. We got the travel letter on Thursday early morning, picked up the passport at 2:30 after much begging and pleading, had our appt at the embassy at 3:30 and leftfor the airport from there. I was sick at the airport and we thought they wouldn'tlet us get on the plane. Oh more stress but they did and we arrived at our hotel in Nairobi during a very hard rain about 10:30pm. More sickness all night long so my mom took Isabelle to her appt at the IOM for the TB test. On Monday we waited 5 hours to be told her TB was negative but she needed A blood test and a chest x-ray. So another 3 1/2 hours later we were sent home onlyto betold on Tues thatshe needed another test. She gets to have sputum taken 3 days in a row. Tube down the nose to get the sputum. Oh yeah, more fun. I'm sick once again.

Enogh of down in the dumps because Isabelle is perfect. She is more and more comfortable with us every day. She is chubby and adorable. She laughs at everything and is very snuggly. The sisters at HOH are amazing, taking care of all those children and loving every single one. They are very involved in the community as well. Awesome women.

So that's a short synopsis of what has been happening. We go to the embassy on Tues and leave tues evening. Can't wait to get home.