Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yeah for movement!

More approvals and referrals continue to come from the Ministry and that's so exciting. I know of review of dossiers of up to at least #103, of course not everything through 103 has been approved but it's still awesome that things keep moving. I hope that all the families waiting so long get news soon of approval/referral. I'm hoping we are going to be traveling by August, that's an estimate and of course estimate in adoption are probably crazy to make (very crazy) but it's just a dream...

In surgery news, I saw my surgeon on Monday (best neuropthomologist out there as far as I'm concerned, and I've met a few) and yeah, I get to have surgery. We both decided that after 8 years of trying to see if there was anything to do for my wobbling eye, there's not. Surgery is a good option for me so I'm having surgery on 4/29. I'm beyond excited about this. Right now this screen is wobbling and double but after surgery, not so. When we travel internationally I will not be looked at like a terrorist for wearing an eye patch. I can't say that I've enjoyed my pirate days, they were interesting, I've learned to not care what people say about my appearance (I guess that's still a work in progress), but I'm happy to not occlude, have worsening headaches and neck pain. God has been good throughout and I've very blessed to have found a surgeon willing to perform the surgery. 

So, after that is over I'll be totally ready for our non-objection letter and referral!!